Tap in. Hang out.

WELCOME TO OUR TAP HOUSE. It’s your place to gather, raise a glass, enjoy the company of others and just be human again — away from the demands of our work, our phones, our social media and “all the things.” Whether you’re inside the house or out on the patio, you’re in the right place to enjoy life’s richness with your friends. The big moments. The small moments. The everyday moments.

Tapologists are
standing by.

Social Tap is outfitted with 52 taps of beers from around the world — operated by friendly, unpretentious tapologists eager to hook you up with your favorite brew. When you’re ready for something new, they’ll offer suggestions that take your palate on exotic journeys to discover your next amazing favorite.

Don’t forget to take some one (or two or six) to go! They’ll help you with that too.

Ready to break bread?

Social Tap is more than just a place to eat during the day. It embodies a profound belief in uniting people to share meals, fostering community spirit through kindness and service, and celebrating a mutual enthusiasm for culinary innovation.

Get in the flow.

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